"Sid the Science Kid" exhibit at the Children's Museum of Atlanta

"I wanna know why things happen and how.  And I wanna know everything now!"  Does this sound like your little one(s)?  Because this is exactly along the lines of what my curious 3 year old says every. single. day!  He is my own version of Sid the Science Kid.  So, you can only imagine how excited we were (mainly, me!) to see the new "Sid the Science Kid:  The Super-Duper Exhibit" at the Children's Museum of Atlanta.  The former educator in me couldn't wait to check this out this exhibit!

These two have no clue the amount of fun that awaits inside!

My 3 year old dude!

Even my 11 month old son was excited!

It was awesome to see this "Fundamentally Food: from Farm to Table" area for the kids to explore!  The more our children can learn and understand about food, the better choices they will make when they have to fix their own plates!

Got milk?  This cow does!  

Even my 11 month old was super engaged and exploring the stations throughout the museum!  There was something for every little person to enjoy and experience!

The main attraction!  It's SID!

What a treat it was to have Sid all to ourselves (for a few photos, at least!)  My oldest wasn't thrilled to see Sid in real life, but Mama sure was!  Baby boy had no choice to take a pic!  

Mama got in on a pic, too!

View from the second floor.  There is so much to do here!

Cool blue lights at the entrance to the climbing area

Throughout the day, there are several shows and opportunities to meet Sid at the CMA on Stage area.

Sid's Room!  Inside, children are encouraged to jump on the bed and play with the toy launcher.  It launches small bean bags (and other things as my oldest let his imagination run wild!)
The Treehouse (how cool!) allowed children to send sound back and forth using a phone located inside.

The Memory Challenge station was a favorite for my 3 year old (and my husband!)  The icons on the tiles were items found in Sid's room such as his stuffed animals and other toys.

Can you say, "Breakfast Time!!!!"  The familiar slogan yelled by Sid is featured here in the replica of Sid's family kitchen, complete with Mom and Zeke!

Predict which container weighs the most and use the scale to find the results!
(And how adorable is that family photo?!)

For once, keeping the fridge door open is encouraged!  Kiddos can identify the patterns for milk, fruit, and jelly.

"Looking for my friends" song from "Sid the Science Kid"

The famous playground where Sid looks for his friends!
Kids can climb, slide, and identify the shapes located in the blue squares.

There are also connect and build shapes/pieces where your kiddos can build and create endless structures.

Don't think that there is just a quick hour of activities and then you are done.  No way! There are a ton of things to do that I didn't get to show you!  Computer stations, interactive learning areas, a giant paint wall, a Build and Take Lab, and much more!

If your little science kid enjoys watching Sid on the small screen, he or she (and you!) will love this exhibit! Visit while the exhibit is in town from September 16 - January 15, 2018!  

New parents?  Never heard of Sid?  Visit http://pbskids.org/sid/ to learn about this awesome kid!

Thank you to the wonderful team of Brave PR for the invitation to attend the exhibit.  Thanks to the staff of the Children's Museum for their hospitality during our visit. 


  1. Woah! I wish I was a kid now. There was nothing like this in our time. But I am surely going to take my kids to such an exhibition for sure. There might one happening nearby where all the characters and things from Andy Yeatman shows will be displayed. After seeing this post, I am going to make sure I visit the place.


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