Hey y'all!  Welcome to Reed Between the Life!  Angela, here.  I'm a belle among beaus as a wife and mom of two boys.  My family four pack means the world to me, and I enjoy sharing my tips, tricks, hacks, insight, advice, steals n' deals, and overall journey with my online pals.  Thus the reason I decided to start blogging back in December of 2013 when I found out I was pregnant with our first son!

Being a wife and mom is the best journey of personal growth ever!  I've learned so much about myself while caring for and serving others.  My husband is my noble knight!  My boys are truly heaven-sent little tykes who make me smile and bring me to tears all in one swoop of an embrace!

As a homegrown Georgian, I have an affinity for magnolias + azaleas, sweet tea + lemonade, seersucker + houndstooth, white houses + big ol' columns, cornbread + cotillions,  and all the others "southernisms" that you can think of!

My life experiences have given me so many opportunities to do what I truly feel I'm called to do:  connect with and love on folks!  Born with the gift of gab, I've leveraged those communications skills to do just that -- from television to journalism and now online platforms, corporate training, and speaking endeavors.  Everyone has a story...and I lend my ear to hear as many that will share!

I've been called a "jill of all trades."  I'll take it!  As I mentioned, my life experiences have all shaped who I am and the skills/gifts that I share with others.  I'm passionate about being "all used up" before my life is complete, so if I can do it, I'm gonna try it!

Now that we've shared sweet tea on the front porch, you're family!  Stay a while, browse the blog, and join my journey!

But most importantly -- stay connected!  I would love to hear your story!  Email me at ang.b.reed@gmail.com


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