Thy word is a lamp

A few weeks ago,  I had to make a quick trip out of town that required a hotel stay. I trusted a Hilton Hotel property to provide a safe place to rest my head before returning home (and they did with excellence!) On the Sunday of my departure, I woke up, thumbed through my worship tunes and began reading scripture via my Bible app. As I ended my devotion, I glanced over at the nightstand and wondered if Bibles were still kept in the nightstand drawers of hotels. So much has changed in this world,  I assumed that removing them could've been a change also.  As a child, I remember making sure to locate the Bible on family trips requiring hotel stays. 

Opening the drawer, I found this pristine copy, centered and clean, inside. Although elated to see it, I felt it needed a new location. So, I picked it up, turned to Colossians 3, and left it open on top of the nightstand.

The word of God is a lamp unto our feet [Psalm 119:105] and needed much better real estate on top of the drawer rather than inside of it! My prayer was that no matter who entered that room next would reach for His word, read the scripture (specifically Colossians 3:23,) and desire to know more about King Jesus! I can only imagine the souls that have been led to Jesus by Bibles in hotel drawers. Praying this one is instrumental in someone else's journey to Jesus. #ReedBetweentheLife 


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