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Capture memories by hiring a destination / vacation photographer for your next trip

Capturing memories is a priceless investment to me.  This has become more sentimental of a process since becoming a mother.  As someone who enjoys capturing every moment with my family, oftentimes, I am left out of the photos that will be good as gold to me in my elder days to come. A few years ago, I started hiring photographers local to the area that would be our vacation destination.  Since starting this tradition, I've been beyond pleased with that decision!

Recently, I have had family and friends reach out to me about this process and how I book a destination / vacation photographer, thus I decided to share my tips via this blog.

Prior to hiring a destination / vacation photographer, here are a few tips that I would recommend:

1. Find a photographer local to the area:  Local photographers know the ins and outs of their city.  They will know where the tourists flock, the hot spots, and where the off-the-beaten-road gems are located to snag the best backdrops for your photos.  …

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