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LIVE your Legacy

Last month, the passing of Congressman John Lewis spurred much commentary around legacy. Last night, I was reminded yet again of legacy with the passing of actor, writer, and director Chadwick Boseman.
For me, as I reflected on both high-profile passings, my reflections served as a reminder that your legacy doesn't begin when you die.  You are to live your legacy each day.  Living your legacy is a daily contribution towards what you ultimately leave behind. 
When I think about my own life, I often think at some point during a day: "If I were to die today, what would have been the last thing I said, did, or do?"  This question may seem a bit morbid to some, but if this resonates with you as it does me, then you understand the weight in which it carries, but also the truth of it.
Legacy is less about the things we leave and more about the life we lead. Our words, roles, actions, character, and contributions are each pieces to the collective sum of the legacy we live out.
As a …

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