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Thy word is a lamp

A few weeks ago,  I had to make a quick trip out of town that required a hotel stay. I trusted a Hilton Hotel property to provide a safe place to rest my head before returning home (and they did with excellence!) On the Sunday of my departure, I woke up, thumbed through my worship tunes and began reading scripture via my Bible app. As I ended my devotion, I glanced over at the nightstand and wondered if Bibles were still kept in the nightstand drawers of hotels. So much has changed in this world,  I assumed that removing them could've been a change also.  As a child, I remember making sure to locate the Bible on family trips requiring hotel stays.  Opening the drawer, I found this pristine copy, centered and clean, inside. Although elated to see it, I felt it needed a new location. So, I picked it up, turned to Colossians 3, and left it open on top of the nightstand. The word of God is a lamp unto our feet [Psalm 119:105] and needed much better r

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