Grow Like A Weed

Have you ever taken the time to watch a weed? Seriously. Besides seeing it, rolling your eyes, and immediately snatching it out of the ground or cutting it down, have you ever taken the time to take a good look at weeds. Probably not. But you should. They know a thing or two about growth!

While out on my walk this morning, I noticed multiple weeds peppering across lawns and flower beds. As I looked down at the pavement, I noticed sprigs of green. Green that wasn't cut and strewn into the street, but something green that was growing from underneath the cement. Weeds. Something so small and fragile, yet so powerful and determined.

We could all learn something from weeds. Many of us have had to fight similar circumstances.  Dismissed. Discarded. Overlooked. Neglected. Stifled. Labeled a misfit. Kept under pressure. 

I'm no exception. I've been cut by words.  Words that clipped my confidence; confidence that took a while to rebuild and restore. 

What I realized after reflecting on that weed earlier today is that people can be lawn mowers or seed sowers.  Either choosing to cut you down or encouraging you to grow! But once they've made their choice, it's ultimately up to you to choose to weed your way through it - pushing beyond the words, the circumstances, the dirt, and even concrete to thrive where others least expect you to.  And just like a weed, if you get cut down...grow back up again!


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