Blessed Baby Reed #2 has arrived!

Hi y'all!  I know I've been on hiatus for a little while, but for good reason!  Needless to say, I'm back bloggin' and what better way to return than to post about our Blessed Baby Reed #2!

As with our Steele River, we did not find out the gender of our second child.  We put our focus into speaking over the baby's personality and health versus focusing on a particular gender.  But - we did save every bit of clothing and baby stuff from the first go 'round!  (Thank goodness we did!)

On October 5th, we welcomed another blessed baby BOY to our family - Storm Creek Reed!
Patrick and I are intentional when it comes to the names of our children.  Both boys have names that mean "strong, yet gentle."  Since we have been entrusted to raise men of God, we want them to know when to be strong, yet gentle throughout their lives and in their relationships with others.

Steele River loves being a big brother to his "baby brudder!"  Ever since we brought Storm home, Steele has taken it upon himself to read to him (without coaching or being asked to do so!)  He also asks to see "baby brudder" every morning before he leaves for school.  My heart melts to see these two precious boys!  It melts even more when they takeover the space on Honey's lap!  

We welcome your thoughts and prayers as our trio has now become a quad!  And for all of you "Boy Moms and Dads," leave any helpful tips, advice, and pointers for us in the comments!

Much love,



  1. You guys are doing great with these handsome and highly favorite men of God. So proud of you both.


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