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Teething.  Some parents cringe in fear at the word.  Others were blessed to breeze through the milestone with their little one(s).  With our first son, Steele, we were a part of the latter group and thankful for an overall easy transition from slobbery gums to tiny chompers.

Now, with our 7 month old son, Storm, we find ourselves once again at the crossroads of gums becoming tiny pegs.  Enter the Yummy Mitt by Darlyng and Co. (  I received the Yummy Mitt product to try and review.  After observing Storm's use of the Yummy Mitt for a few days, here are some pointers about it:

Photo by Angela Reed 

Photo by Angela Reed

Photo by Angela Reed

Photo by Angela Reed

Things I loved:

  • Vibrant colors = instant appeal
    • As soon as I presented the Yummy Mitt to Storm, he grabbed it and immediately began to chew!  He then pulled it away from his mouth and looked closely at the bright orange and blue colors.  

  • Textured medical food grade silicone
    • I like how the silicone part of the Yummy Mitt is textured to soothe baby's gums.  Although the clasp on the cotton part of the mitt is velcro, it is not too hard to cause irritation if chewed by baby.

  • Machine washable
    • If it's in your baby's hand, it's going to eventually end up on the floor!  Being machine washable is a big plus to keep the Yummy Mitt clean for baby's daily use.  The cloth part of the Yummy Mitt is 100% cotton.  It can also glow-in-the-dark!
Things to consider:
  • Unable to use one hand
    • At times, Storm would try to shake the Yummy Mitt off of his hand.  When I noticed this, I would remove the Yummy Mitt and allow him to simply hold it with both hands.

  • Growing hands
    • Depending on how long your baby will experience the teething process, the opening may be a bit small as your baby's hands grow in size.

In a nutshell: The Yummy Mitt is a super cute option for parents who would like to help provide relief during their baby's teething journey.  It is a product made from quality materials that will help alleviate the use of fingers to soothe itchy or irritated gums.

Visit the folks over at Darlygn & Co. to learn more about their Yummy Mitt:

Disclaimer:  A complimentary Yummy Mitt was provided by Darlyng & Co.  The opinions shared throughout this post are my own. - Angela Reed

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