"Ding Dong! Your groceries are home!" :: Delivery + pickup services to save you time!

Just writing this post makes me happy!  Knowing that the information I'm sharing will save someone time to spend with their family, or out with friends, or simply alone brings me a certain joy!

I do want to preface this post by saying that how you shop and who you shop for will be a variable to consider when thinking about trying any grocery delivery or pick-up service.

My "expertise" in the world of grocery shopping via a delivery/pick-up service stemmed out of necessity shortly after delivering my second son.  During the time that I was home with him, I needed to get groceries from the store, but I did not want to send my husband.  Thus, our journey began with an introduction to Wal-Mart's Grocery PickUp service.  

Wal-Mart Grocery PickUp

We received a mailer from our local Wal-Mart inviting us to try a new service that would allow us to fill a virtual shopping cart and pick-up our groceries from the store without having to leave our vehicle.  The invitation included a $30 off first order discount (of course we were gonna try it!)  I followed the instructions per the mailer and created an account via the online portal:  grocery.walmart.com.  Once my cart was full of what we needed, I selected an available pick-up time at the nearest location.  (This can be tricky, so plan accordingly, especially on the weekends!)  Pick-up times can fill quickly, so give yourself time to pick and choose what will work best for you.  You have an hour window to pick-up your order.   After you select your pick-up time, pay for your order and an detailed order summary is email to you.

Upon arrival, you will park in one of the designated parking spaces for Wal-Mart Grocery PickUp customers. (VIP status, right?)  Once parked, call the number on the sign and an associate will greet you, asking for your name and which parking space you are in.  The associate comes to the vehicle with your order and a detailed summary for you to review.  A cool perk is you are able to select "Substitute Item" while filling the online cart and the associate will let you know if any items had to be substituted.

After reviewing your order and confirming all is right, the associate loads your vehicle.  I received a cute little blue bag filled with free food items and coupons and a nice thank you from Wal-Mart for trying the service.  A survey is emailed to you after your pick-up for your feedback about the location and associate's customer service. (I had the sweetest lady!)

[Update - 8/31/17] Here's the latest update on Wal-Mart Grocery services: Wal-Mart Expands Grocery Delivery Service with Uber - https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/299206

Another pro for the Wal-Mart service:  You can get non-grocery items included with your order as long as they show in the Grocery PickUp app.  I've added diapers, tape, markers, wipes, toothpaste, lotion, etc.
Amazon Prime Now

Amazon is king of delivery, so why not get in on the grocery action!  I'm a big fan of Amazon's ability to see and meet the need - from home delivery of groceries to recently lowering prices of products at their newly acquired Whole Foods stores.  Using the Amazon Prime Now app was the first grocery delivery experience I had, and it was a total game-changer!  

If you are an Amazon Prime customer, congratulations!  You can get any Amazon Prime grocery items (or other random items for that matter) with in two hours...for free!  Download the Amazon Prime Now app and login with your Amazon information.  Recently, Amazon announced its partnership with Sprouts Farmer's Markets across the country, so depending on your area, you can not only select from Amazon Prime Now's selection, but Sprouts as well.

Wanna give it a try?  Here's $10 off!  Use promo code 10PRIMENOW at checkout! 

Amazon also has a service specifically devoted to grocery delivery called AmazonFresh!  Since I am a Prime customer and enjoy the current services I receive via that platform, I do not have a need to try AmazonFresh. Learn more here: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonFresh

Kroger's ClickList 

Kroger has their ClickList service available at select locations. Unfortunately, the closest location that offer this service is about 20 minutes from my home.  But, I wanted to try it since I enjoy the service from my local Kroger (and the fuel points for our SUV!)  It works just like the previously mentioned services; download the Kroger app, fill your cart, select your location and pick-up time, receive an email summary, arrive and park in your VIP spot, and notify them of your arrival.

I shot a video during my Kroger ClickList pick-up.  Watch and see how the process works!


I have a tie for my favorite service between Amazon Prime Now and Instacart!  Instacart is an app that you download to your phone.  Depending on your area, the app will show you the various stores that you can shop from.  My area stores include Publix, Aldi, and Petco.  Simply select your grocery items, fill your cart, select your time and poof - groceries at your door within hours.  Instacart is like having a personal shopper.  Someone texts you to let you know that they have started fulfilling your order.  They will also contact you via the app to let you know if something is out of stock or if a substitution is needed.  Love it!

Here's another $10 off promo code for trying Instacart:  https://inst.cr/t/v8q9pWDX2

Whew - lots of awesome technology and services out there to save you more time without setting foot in a grocery store.  Time for family, time for friends, time for a nail appointment...a haircut...or a nap!  And I get it, some of you truly enjoy going to the grocery store...aimlessly wondering the aisles while hours pass (the grocery store is a time vacuum!)  That used to be me, too!  But the small fee associated with some of the delivery services is nothing compared to my piece of mind and time saved.

Comment below with questions or to learn more about my experience or if you have a favorite service, let me know which one it is!  There are other services started to pop-up that I haven't tried, so share details of others!

Happy Shopping, y'all!

The opinions expressed in this post are of my own.  No compensation was provided.


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