Bag It Up, Baby! What to pack for your baby's day on set!

Bag It Up, Baby!
What to pack for your baby's day on set

"Baby, you’re a star!"  Your little one did it!  He/she nailed the audition and now you are on your way to a print ad, or even the small or silver screen!  As a parent, you are super excited and ready to race to set.  Before you throw everything but the crib in the back of your SUV, consider the following tips and advice that helped me while shuttling to set with my tiny humans.

The Essentials

As a parent, you know how important it is to have the essentials on hand.  The usual stash includes a bag with a few diapers/training pants, wipes, and diaper cream.  I recommend using a large tote or backpack with compartments so that you can easily locate items when they are needed versus fumbling for a small tube of sanitizer at the bottom of the bag.  Know the number of diapers/training pants that your child could potentially use in a day.  Pack that number.  It’s best to err on the side of well-prepared versus lacking.

The Edible

Little ones do two things extremely well:  eat and sleep!  And when it comes to eating on set, you’ve got to have quick and easy options on hand.  Whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding a baby or if you toddler is a veteran muncher, ensure that you have adequately planned for the entire day.  Bring a small insulated tote that can easily fit in your bag for milk, formula, water, or juice.  In the world of lights, camera, action, on-the-go food options are a must.  I suggest packing light-colored foods and items that will not crumble.  If your little one finds comfort with a pacifier or teething toy, be sure to stash it in your bag as well.

The Extras

Extra clothing options are a must for two main reasons:  Blow-outs and food stains!  Whether a scene is underway or just getting started, a bio break for a child can happen at any moment.  I recommend taking at least 3-4 outfits.  Be sure to include a pair of pants, socks, and a light jacket in the event that it is cold on set.
Due to potential space constraints, a blanket or portable changing pad are perfect options for quick diaper changes or a make-shift play area.  And speaking of play, I recommend bringing a few quiet toys or books for your child.  Avoid anything that makes sounds or rustles.

The Excess

Remember, keep items that you bring on set at a minimum.  Less is more is the absolute truth when it comes to being on set with a baby.  Consider wearing your baby in a carrier or wrap instead of pulling out the entire travel system. 

The Excitement

Pack your excitement!  Enjoy this moment for your tot, but also adhere to the rules and guidelines that you receive.  Who knows, it could be the beginning of lasting Hollywood career…or simply a really cool moment to share on social media!

Of course, there is not "one-size-fits-all" method to the madness of keeping your sanity and your baby happy when it comes to adjusting to unfamiliar environments.  But my hope is that the tips and advice mentioned will give you a head start on making it to the casting call, audition, or set with as much ease as possible.

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