"Big Deal" Birthday + Party Photos

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." - Oprah Winfrey

I'm not the type of person who makes a "big deal" about my birthday.  I'm the type of person who makes a "big deal" about your birthday!  The party planner, the organizer of the celebratory dinner party to celebrate loved ones...that's me.  But since we've been married, my husband has done a wonderful job at shining light on celebrating me for my born day.

As a wife and mother, birthdays have a greater meaning to me nowadays.  With each year, each birthday serves as a reminder of how precious this beautiful gift of life is from our Heavenly Father.  Each birthday is a milestone along the journey of the woman I have become, and each birthday that passes is filled with anticipation of the next.  Each birthday is another opportunity to reflect on the love that my husband and I share as we grow old together.  And each birthday is a gentle tug at the heart reminding me that as I'm getting older...my babies are, too.

My years have been full of life's transitions and seasons that have shaped my testimony.  God has been so faithful and 'kept me' (as our elders say!) in His everlasting love.  I'm amazed when I think back over some of my 'life moments' -- happy moments, sad moments, anxious moments, proud moments, and even those dumb moments, God's unfailing love and outstretched arms never let go of me.  Instead, He redirected, refashioned, revealed, and restored as only He can -- with blessings, grace, and mercy.

And for these precious years of living, loving, breathing, and trusting on this side of heaven, I say, "Thank you, Daddy God!  Because of the Big God that you are and the Big Love that you give, I'm forever grateful to celebrate every birthday as a "big deal!"

Take a peek at some of the photos of my beloved family and friends from the fantastic luau party that my hubby coordinated for me! 


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